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Current Exhibition
Artcross the Universe
2024 Next Art Tainan 
Lin Chun Ta Lin Ying Hsuan

Duration 2024.3.14 - 04.14

Tainan is an ancient city with a rich cultural heritage. It also has a unique natural environment: lagoons, wetlands, new lands and sandbanks. These unique landscapes are like the earth's incubator, an ecological cradle, a unique ecologically diverse incubator that gathers an endless supply of vitality, just like the Tainan New Art Award's nurturing and cultivation of new artists.

Curator Hu Chaosheng proposed "Artcross the Universe" as the curatorial theme, aiming to combine Tainan's unique natural landscape with the New Art Award's response to art, using the formation of nature as a symbol to explore the birth and growth of life, as well as the development and transformation of art, and to expand thinking from personal life experience to observation of daily life, integrating contemporary diverse aesthetic concepts.

This is an artistic exploration that touches on many aspects. Through this exhibition, artists can find the connection and various possibilities between art and today's society from the vast and diverse creative universe.


​2024 Tainan New Art Award Winners

Lin Chun -Ta

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1997, he is currently studying for a master's degree in Fine Arts at the National Taipei University of the Arts. He lives and works in Taipei. He is personally committed to various forms of creation using mixed media. The context of his works is often inspired by his understanding of "boundaries" and ordinary materials and phenomena in daily life. He thinks about the nature of art through the interaction of different creative techniques and multiple media. His works over the years have won the Tainan New Art Award (2024), the 112th National Art Exhibition (2023), the Taiwan Art New Look Award (2022), and the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Young Artist Collection Award (2021).


2024 Tainan New Art Awards invited artists


Born in Longjing, Taichung City, Taiwan in 1997. The main themes of his works are geometry, color, hard-edge abstraction, and painting installations. His main media are acrylic paint, plaster primer, paper tape, and scraper. In location, place, or the sense of place, these three are re-created in a flat and compressed way from different perspectives, using painting to create the appearance of space and town, and re-interpreting how color constructs the translation method of the things in front of me.

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