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Current Exhibition
Carsten Goering Solo Exhibition 

2023.10.21 - 12.03

Carsten Goering is an artist from the German city of Sömmerda. He finished his artistic studies at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (HGB Leipzig) in 2017. Drawing inspiration and mentorship from the accomplished Professor and Artist Ingo Meller, Carsten enhanced his painting techniques while also delving into the realm of digital images.

In the artist's past experiences in Media Art and filmmaking, he began to notice a lack of a direct connection with the work. This led him to reevaluate the interaction between the body and the creative process. He consequently used traditional painting mediums to exhibit his images. Throughout the process of creating, through the physical action and movements, the tactile sensation of the canvas texture, the scent and temperature of the materials, he continually reconnects himself with the artwork. This reconnection raises a painting rich with tactile traces and full of emotions.

Carsten meticulously arranges a series of repetitive and primary color shapes on the canvas. Extended contemplation of the works reveals surface irregularities, gaps, and faint hand-drawn marks overlaying the images. This compels viewers to instinctively move themselves, driven by a desire to scrutinize the work from various angles, causing the piece to glow as the perspective shifts. Carsten's paintings unveil an entirely new dimension. His art engages our perception in a perpetual state of movement, leading viewers to question what they are truly
witnessing. Is it the creation of images or the interplay of colors? Throughout this process, there appears to be no discernible starting or ending point. These artworks do not remain fixed in any specific state but instead set in a continuous motion of sensory experience.

Drawing from his extensive experience in Media art, the artist has developed a painting technique closely tied to digital image generation. With primary colors he explores the layering of different materials and textures to transform the pixel grid of Media into a tangible presence. He turns flatness into dimension, stillness into movement, allowing the audience to reevaluate the relationship between images and colors.

The artist believes this residency program provided a unique creative opportunity. He likens this experience to the liberated virtual reality platform game Decentraland, in which players can freely assume entirely different roles. Tainan has allowed him to deeply immerse himself in a completely different culture and creative experience. Nearly three months of intensive work, brought changes and innovation to the works. He hopes that through this residency project, he can offer both himself and the audience a unique and unconventional experience.


2024 台南新藝獎 得主

君達​  Lin  Chun-Ta



2024 台南新藝獎 邀請藝術家


1997年生於台灣台中市龍井。創作主軸以幾何、色彩、硬邊抽象、繪畫裝置,主要媒材以壓克力顏料、石膏打底劑、紙膠帶、刮板進行創作。在location、place或the sense of place,這三者以不同視角的扁平壓縮方式重新,以繪畫造空間與城鎮的樣態,重新詮釋色彩如何建構我眼前事物的轉譯方法。

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