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CHUNG Chia-Chun

CHUNG Chia-Chun (b.1992, TW) is a young emerging artist based in Taiwan. He has been invited to several international art fairs and exhibitions such as Art Stage Singapore (2018) and Art Central HK(2020) and Universes 4 in Paris curated by Sasha Bogojev(2021). 


CHUNG’s work centers around the absurdity of human life; in his portrait painting, he reinterpreted the traditional concept of major drawing/painting media such as charcoal, crayon, and acrylic, creating a mysterious yet irresistible atmosphere.


Often taking inspiration from reading books​ and his everyday ​life​, CHUNG’s work captures the inevitability of human struggles​​ swinging between the eternal state of solitude and the desire of seeking recognition with standard social values.  


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