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10.26 - 11.24

Body Festival


HOU Chun-Ming
Body Mapy Interview Project


Body Map is about our desire, deficiency and search;
about memory, secret and peeking.

Sex and Desire
I ask my interviewees what sex is to them. Some say they feel dirty from the first time of sex. They are not pure anymore. But at the same time, they are free and feel capable of anything.

Secrets to be Transformed
In the interviews, we deal with some things very private, very secret.

As we all highly secure our privacy, sometimes  when it turns into a giant lump of secrets that put a big weight on us, we start to disguise ourselves.

One interviewee says he/she wants to be seen. In the interview, I do not only listen; I turn myself into a valley, responding to and transforming those secrets into art in a way to reveal them to the public. 


I have conducted Body Map for almost 3 years, during which a public post on Facebook has attracted nearly 60 strangers to reach me, including heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and so on from both biological males and females…etc.

Conversation and Drawing
During the 2-day interview, we spend most time recalling our life experiences. 
How we were enlightened about sexual desire as kids? What kind of sexual exploration we have tried? How do we find our partners? What illness are we enduring? And most importantly, how do we get along with our parents? In 2nd afternoon, I give interviewees a thorough message while the conversation continues, which is very significant to the interview.  


Body massage can take the interviewees away from his/her rational thoughts and  his/her body responds directly. I ask the interviewees to recreate the feeling onto their own body maps which they are asked to do on the floor, naked like an animal, primitively, Intuitively and instinctively outflowing his most significant life experiences.

After that, I will respond to the interview with my drawing. I will show it to the interviewee, telling him/her that my creation is based on the fragments of messages from the interview that I objectively choose to project an image. “This image derives from you; however, it is not you.”

In addition to having the courage to reveal ourselves, we also need to have the wisdom to detach ourselves and become witnesses of our own life stories, and to create. 
Through life experience and storytelling, a space for self-transformation is created while new interpretations are inspired. 

I am grateful for having so many participants to share their life stories with me and conduct this project with me so different sexual experiences thus are revealed and witnessed.


Creation is expression. It is only when we can express genuinely from the bottom of our heart can the expression has the power to make transformations.

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