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02.27 - 04.04

The Islands

WU Chi-Chen
Solo Exhibition

WU’s solo exhibition “The Island”, in which the artist depicts the landscape and his experiences when staying in Okinawa, Taitung, Hualien and Mazu.  

WU Chi-Chen(b.1977, TW) is a ceramist based in Tainan. He received MFA from Tainan University of the Arts in 2008. WU has been invited to join the Taiwan Biennale in 2018 followed by the nomination as the selected artist with Talent in Tainan in 2019.

Wu’s ceramic works, often described as clay puppets for being dramatic and full of imagination, are often consist of several adjustable assemble parts to invite the viewers to interact with them.

This solo exhibition “The Islands” can be viewed as a joint presentation of WU’s artist residency projects during 2017-2019 retrospectively, with the artist's sincere engagement with the locals, as well as with his reflections on being an islander as a Taiwanese.

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