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08.21 - 09.19

Where Would I Be?

SHIH Chen-Yin 
Solo Exhibition

SHIH Chen Yin is a Taiwanese ceramic illustrator. She graduated from Penninghen| École direction artistique et d'architecture intérieure (esag penninghen) in 2011.


SHIH began her career as a designer/illustrator and has participated in many cross-border visual projects. She later started exploring the possibility of combining ceramics and illustration in terms of forms and contents, developing nonlinear narratives reflecting the artist’s restless imagination.

In the solo exhibition “Where Would I Be,” we are invited to follow footsteps of the protagonist “Bean Man” for an unknown quest in the woods. Yet it is hard to define whether Bean Man is there hoping to find something out, or to be found. The artist applies various decorative techniques to create different faces of the woods, and different scenarios being in there.

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