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Current Exhibition
the little things
Kikinomo Solo Exhibition

2023.12.16 - 2024.01.21

KIKINOMO was born in 1980. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Oriental College. After graduation, he entered the field of interior design. For many years, he has published his works on the Internet platform under the stage name Kikinomo. He is a shy artist who is not good at expressing his inner feelings with words. Painting has become a way for him to relieve stress and express his inner emotions. Through dense lines, he untied the knots in his heart and constructed his inner vision on paper with colorful ballpoint pens.

This exhibition is named "The Little Things", and the works are a presentation of careful observation of daily things, big and small. Through his experience in decoration detailing, the artist observed many small events caused by different cases during the process of detail cleaning. Whether it is the interaction between things or between people, he is deeply interested in the events caused by small things. Kikinomo picked up his various ballpoint pens and described the feelings caused by those small events. The sesame-like events encountered in the process were transformed into graphic descriptions by the artist, responding to those confusing and unreasonable situations through the composition of the picture. Using the laborious movement of the ballpoint pen on the paper, he cleverly connects the psychology with the small things on the picture, constructing an imaginative fantasy scene. In the works, the delicate layers are like a city under construction, or a universe unfolding before the viewer’s eyes, guiding the viewer to observe tiny things and generate endless fantasies about the stories behind them.

The audience is like a detective, carefully examining the layers of clues carefully laid out by the artist. Through the layers of lines stacked upwards in the picture, an information grid is constructed, just like walking on a ladder, gradually following the route drawn by the artist, looking for traces of answers. Is it a fingerprint investigation, a decoding operation, or a process of collecting evidence?

In this scene of reasoning, the artist not only left traces of the route, but also provided tools for identification, revealing the interlaced images of small things; the works are connected to each other, and the elements and colors echo each other, like a collage of puzzles. The exhibition has become a dialogue between the audience and the artist. Every tiny element is a fragment that reveals the depths of Kikinomo's heart, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the artistic event of searching, decoding, and piecing together.


Born in 1980
2003 Graduated from Oriental College of Fine Arts and Crafts
2003 Started to engage in interior design and illustration as a hobby

Solo Exhibition

2023 "the little things" Water Color Art Workshop, Tainan
2021 "The Joy of Receiving Letters: Lines and Rainbows in the Heart" Water Color Art Workshop, Tainan
2019 "Safe Haven" Water Color Art Workshop, Tainan

Joint Exhibition

Group Exhibition
2021 Extraordinary Artistic Style•Fuli Family Art Exhibition, Tainan
2021 Art Without Borders International Invitational Exhibition, Tainan Yun Feifan Art Museum, Tainan
2020 ATOP International Art Exchange Association Members' Joint Exhibition, Tainan
2020 "Hidden and Present" Zhang Jingzhong and Zhuang Daoming's solo exhibitions at the Museum of Art, Hsinchu
2016 "See Me, Not Me: Joint Exhibition of Artists from Southern Taiwan" Chong Art Space, Tainan

2017 "Waterfront Art Festival", Tainan
2017 Dancing with the City Installation Art "Tree. Happiness", Tainan

Art Fairs
2022 One Art Taipei, Taipei
2018 Dacuo Art Fair, Dacuo, South Korea

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