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06.13 - 07.12

The Family Party

CHEN Hong-Chang
CHEN Chin-Ju
SHAO Ying-Li
Group Exhibition

The Loners' Family Party
Text / CHEN Jin-Ju

Three climbing ropes find the gloomy spots in the rock cracks and pull them up into the light. Self-examining synchronously, gently combing those loosened fibers into an uneven void.

On the side of the trail where we frequently take a stroll stood a longan tree where the sun beam shines through and becomes sparkles on the ground like a projected sheet of spread-out blanket. While I search for the path, I notice those loners from the opposite direction. From time to time our three shadows overlap and outline a broken shadow.

Where the conversations take place. Under the sun. We move our arms to form the perfect shape. We look hard, trying to break those flickering codes sent from afar in a simple way.

As the sight along the way gets clear, we almost can see each other. We are so much alike - a hard edge once wind has polished can be found on those much light-blurred figure outlines. It is where we lay our soft eye on.


众- a collection of lone travelers


Unlike landscape painters who depict Taiwan's island landscapes with varying shades of green and "local colors," Cheng Hongzhang and his family are exploring their own ways. In the "Distant Mountains" series and "Diving into the Sacred Mountains," the mountains are not mountains. Between the bright yellow and gray, there is the virtuality and reality of dots and lines, a pure land in the heart. In the "Shadows" series, Cheng Hongzhang developed semi-figurative landscapes that combine figures. Tiny figures sit in a meditation-like posture in a corner of the picture, which is also the artist's understanding of oriental landscapes and a projection of his self-image. In the "Mountain Shadows and Water Colors" series, Cheng Hongzhang even uses pink in his paintings, with the color stacked on the mountain texture and black lines outlining the outlines. Shao Yingli's landscapes contain the breeze and sunshine when she is sketching. When she is out with her family or sketching in the studio, she smells the air and observes her body senses in the sound of insects and birds. The landscape "Traveling in the Heart" series is decorated with colorful colors, but it is the artist's introspection. In the two paintings "River" and "Center of Echo", Zheng Jingru deconstructs the definition of "landscape". "Entrance to Paradise" and "Exit of Paradise" construct space for arrangement in seemingly irregular blocks. ... (excerpt)

Text/ Xiao Yiling


additional- PDF


Zheng Hongzhang (1958)

1975 Learned painting from Dong Rifu

1980 Chang Jung High School, admitted to Kanto College in Japan at public expense

1985 Founded the Wuxian Pao Painting Association with fellow painters and served as its president

2009-2020 Participated in Southern Art Alliance

2002-2021 Continued to participate in the Asian New Art Exchange Exhibition

Shao Yingli (1963)


2014 Joined the Southern Contemporary Art Alliance and has participated in joint exhibitions to date

2017 Joined the World Women Artists Association and participated in touring exhibitions in India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and West Asia

Zheng Jingru (1992)


2013-now Founded a band deca joins

Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taipei University of Art in 2014

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