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09.19 - 10.23

The Flag Carriers

HOU Chun-Ming
Taiwanese Shaman
Interview Project

"The Flag Carriers" is a new interview project conducted by artist HOU Chun-Ming in Tainan 2019, which can be view as an extension from his "Body Map" series.

Through this on-going project, HOU tries to depict Daoism, the most commonly practiced religious belief of Taiwan, through his interviews with six Taiwanese shamans (乩身) who offer their body and mind to serve gods, while also reflecting their personas as both gods and human beings in the juxtaposed body map drawings and writings.

With great support from Culture Affairs Bureau, Tainan Government, Mizuiro Workshop is honored to be the organizer planning such project for HOU Chun-Ming as a gallery based in Tainan - the city  with thousands of temples.

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