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08.15 - 09.13

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HSIEH Hou-Chun, SHIH Chien-Jung
Group Exhibition


Mizuiro Workshop presented a group show by two emerging artists HSIEH Hou-Chun and SHIH Chien-Rong as their debut exhibition in Taiwan.


The exhibition reflected how these two young artist deal with their long-term love-hate relationship with art after they graduated. Is it something I love with a bit of talent? Or is it my must tool to carry with through life?


Works including drawings, paintings, sculpture and a on-site specific video installation  placed constructively  in our 2-story venue “Between 1214”  opened a discussion on the value of art aesthetically and commercially.

HSIEH Hou-Chun (b. 1992, TW) graduated from University of Arts London-Chelsea College of arts-MA fine art. HSIEH is an artist and the founder of “Yaospace.” His creative and academic research was inspired by the concept of freedom from modern sociology and Isaiah Berlin. He is good at using images and videos to create a ceremonial space

SHIH Chien-Jung (b. 1995, TW) received BA from Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University in 2018. SHIH's work deeply engages with borders of relationship and conversation. She focuses on the presence of everyday life, often twisting them with a neutral interpretation in the forms of video/installation, arousing the viewers’ awareness upon a certain awkwardness while experiencing her works.

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