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06.15 - 07.15

Whose Lucky Dream

莊惠琳 個展​

Chuang Hui-lin Solo Exhibition


“It was sunny, only a bit of mist suspended in the air so everything was very clear. Your late grandma and her friends together stood in front of me. She carried a watermelon in her arms. And then she took out a knife and sliced it into half. Suddenly a red light burst out. I woke up feeling very hearty.”


It was my mother’s dream. It is believed that when one’s late elderlies come to your dream they must come with a fortune for you. So after this dream, my mother firmly believed that she was going to make a fortune as the dream was so memorably vivid, which even encouraged her to analyze every single fragment of her dream, interpreting them into sounds, numbers, and so on. Back and force she worked on the dream for many days. Until the lottery draw a few days later, in which her numbers did not make her win, but the dream had taken her further, recalling her memories and longingness for her long-disappeared family. She kept telling her stories since then.


And I, on the other hand, dived into a different level of mind-wandering – Dreams reflect our desire and anxiety. The deficiency, uncertainty and anxiety in our reality turn our dreams into a means of fortunetelling. And as the gain of fortune, which decreases our anxiety of deficiency, can be the result of the deprivation of others, currency has indeed become a universal belief in this take-and-taken cycle.


At the same time, my mother continued describing vividly the rise and fall her blue-collar family had endured and the amount of wealth they could save during the 70s when “money-pack” was one foot tall in Taiwan.


My mother’s first half life feels like a dream to me, a dream not only reflecting people's deep desires, but also calling out the true affection within a household.


The exhibition “Whose Lucky Dream” is inspired by my mother’s dream, in which Chinese red pompom, ghost paper and counterfeit banknotes as the major elements, rearranged and reconstructed in the labor of origami art to create a sense of blessings and sacrifice. While living in the present society, we may have an occasional delusion of “Zhuangzi's Dream as a Butterfly” as we gradually become paralyzed by our excessive demand for money and materials constantly. Eventually, we all dance on the poisonous soil, humming in the faint mourning, chasing dreams in the dilapidated reality.


莊惠琳   CHUANG Hui-Lin

CHUANG Hui-Lin was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She holds a MFA from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, National Taipei University of the Arts. Her major practice includes sculpture and installation.

Solo Exhibition

2020 “Shinkon 50 Anniversary Pop-up” Mayor Salon, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 “Whose Lucky Dream” Mizuiro Workshop, Tainan, Taiwan

2019 “Whose Lucky Dream” THE 201 ART, Taichung, Taiwan

2018 “Ending, Just Another Beginning” Hong-Ti Art Center,  Korea

2018 “Whose Lucky Dream” Black and White 62, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 “My Body is Our Body” SPACE Gallery, Cleveland, USA
2015 “Magic Moments” Ramstein Optik, Swiss
2010 “Just Want To Be Alive” Black and White 62, Taichung, Taiwan

2010 “A Secret Spot” Sky Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 “Social Membrane-Waving between Familiarity and Unfamiliarity” TNUA, Taipei, Taiwan

2004 “I’m Home” Dogpig Art Café, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Group Exhibition

2019 “Elder Care Asia ” Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Taiwan 

2020 “The Money Tree” Tainan Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
2018 “Re___’’F1963 Art Space, Busan, Korea
2018 “Paper Project” Mumu Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
2018 “Exchanging Views” Crane Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2017 “Boulevard Art Festival” Mizuiro Workshop, Tainan, Taiwan
2017 “ Re textile – Contemporary Textile Art Exhibition” GTM Queen College, New York, USA
2016 “My Secret Garden” Kaohsiung Museum of Art, Taiwan
2016 “Clues” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2014 “Art Battle ” The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 “Plastic Times” Juming Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Artist In Residency Experience
2019 “Sense of Site-specific”, Penghu, Taiwan

2018 “The Pier-2  – Hong-Ti  Exchange Program”, Busan, Korea

2016 “INLET Modern Dance Theatre” Cleveland, USA

2015 “Kesselhaus atelier”, Germany
2014 “AIR in Hsin Kwang Elementary School” Hsinchu, Taiwan
2013 “Xiluo AIR Project” Yunlin, Taiwan
2012 “Incheon Art Platform” Incheon, Korea
2010 “Banquao 435 Art Zone” Taipei, Taiwan

2013 Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennale Awards, Selected
2010 Taiwan Emerging Artist Award, Selected

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