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2021.10.30 -11.28

I Hope You Find These Lines Well

Solo Exhibition

"Everything in life is not necessarily perfect as expected.

An ordinary life can also be of happiness, sadness, hope, expectation, loss at any time...

I have always been afraid of speaking;

So instead, I weave my inner rainbow into my drawings.

Where lines have become my armor, giving me the courage to confront the outside world.

My drawings have been my company everyday."


After the solo exhibition in 2019, KIKINOMO has received a lot of attention, which the artist had not experienced before. This exhibition title "I hoped you find these lines well” is an inversion which employs the most commonly used mail greeting “I hope this letter finds you well” where the context is reversed and modified to indicate the complex of the artist’s mind and to highlight his devotion into such special choice of medium and technique.

While having much to say, KIKINOMO’s ball-pen drawing reflects not only his desire to be recognized, but also his struggle of self-expression. The colored lines layering upon each other to form images and symbols are like unsent love letters that have been rewritten countless times. At the end, they become the artist’s company.

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