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吳若昕  Lene KILDE

09.04 - 10.17

Lizard & Lullaby

WU Ruo-Hsin & Lene KILDE
Joint Exhibition

A joint exhibition “Lizard & Lullaby” by London based artist WU Ruo-Hsin 吳若昕 (TW, b. 1993) and Norwegian sculptor Lene KILDE ( b. 1981), also making WU’s second show with Mizuiro Workshop since her debut in 2019. The exhibition centers around a sub-topic “Innocence,” which is commonly used to describe the purest state of mind one can have and sometimes to reflect a state of complete unawareness ( of a child.)

In this joint exhibition WU presents a series of acrylic paintings accompanied by Lene KILDE’s installations, both representing their experiences of innocence from various angles by capturing the very sensitive mental state and physical language of Children’s through their work.

Lene KILDE received a master degree in product design from the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design in 2012, with emphasis on form and sculpture. She soon was granted the three -year work scholarship for young artists from Norwegian Arts Council in the following year. The reading experience of Lene’s work can be very personal; by using raw materials such as iron, copper wire, cement and ceramics to construct fragments of children’s body, emphasizing mostly on their fingertips and toes, Lene intends to leave the rest (of the body/scene) in void to invite imagination to step in.

However, as we all have experienced, innocence sometimes can be leading to unexpected and regrettable results. After 3 years living in London, WU has observed a wave in European’s diet from glorifying their long hunting tradition (due to limited access to fresh food,) transitioning to embracing a rather plant-based culture. This phenomena somehow triggered WU’s memory with animals, especially with a lizard, back in her childhood. Upon the reflection she decided to dedicate a series of acrylic paintings, hoping to find reconciliation with the little innocent girl in her memory, and with those she might have hurt accidentally.

*Special thanks to Hiro Hiro Art Space

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