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03.05 - 04.17

The Power of Contemplation

CHIEN Fu-Chuan
Retrospective Exhibition


LIN Chun-Ju, CHIEN Cheng

With respect, Mizuiro Workshop is proud to announce "The Power of Contemplation", a retrospective exhibition as part of the tribute events to honor and celebrate the passions of beloved artist CHIEN Fu-Chuan, who passed away in last Autumn. A series of CHIEN's recent mixed-media work date to 2021 will be on view.

"There is no such so-called winner under the rule of nature selection.
Whether it is the immortals, emperors, civilians, or worm, fish, bird, and beast, we all will arrive at that fatal end.

I want to discuss about how our inner soul interacts with the ever-changing outside world, the impermanence of human’s life and our shared fear towards death."

— CHIEN Fu-Chuan

“CHIEN carefully cuts the blank canvas open, tearing the fabric apart, flipping the lining out, and then places a stone placed in the center, creating a scene like an abstract drawing.


This series of work, consisting of both drawing and sculpturing, can be very tactile- it sometimes is like an easy surgery, drilling a hole, reopening a long scar to insert a small pebble. Sometimes the surgery is intense, eventually leaving a big void in the body while the inner world is connected with the surface.”

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