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08.13 - 09.25

Summer Duo 2022

“Rêver” by Indigo HSU
“Layers” by Fxiii

Mizuiro Workshop will present a duo exhibitions of 2 emerging Taiwanese artists under the exhibition them "Time" from different approaches.

Tossed and turned. I picked up a book trying to find a cure trying to sleep trying to struggle through sleeplessness for almost 6 hours. Eventually I gave up; eyes wild-opened. Thoughts started to pile up in my brain during the rest of night. All in a sudden I found myself awaked to the clock alarm and realized I have slept for 6 hours. All experiences and consciousness are real as long as you take them hard enough.     —— Indigo HSU

I like the idea of ‘reading air,’ not for that I’m capable of it or it’s anything important. I like it for it opens to all possibilities and interpretations. For me, it’s the leisure among busy schedules, a quiet moment before someone keeps the conversation moving. It's a course from vapor of muse to troops of practice. It’s the moment when the past has passed and the future is yet to come. And it’s where stories begin.     —— Fxiii







"Rêver" by Indigo Hsu

Artist has always have a love-hate relationship being invited to do a residential project* because most of their time in this new place is spent in the studio working. And dreams start to blur into reality.

By playing a game of French word “Rêver” acquiring for both its meaning (dreaming, wandering) and how these 5 letters literally mirror/reflect against themselves, HSU brings up the question -“how do we know if we are dreaming awake or awake dreaming?” in a series of paintings and installations.

*Indigo HSU is our artist in residence of 2022.

"Layers" by Fxiii

Fxiii (b. 1985, TW) holds a MA from Creative Practice for Narrative Environments, University of the Arts London.

After having been engaged with a wide range of spacial projects including stage design, public art and exhibition planning for years, fxiii takes one step further combining embroidery and space design.

The exhibition topic “Layers” can be regarded as the result from both accumulation of time and arrangement of space, as well as the relationship between the artist and her embroidery work.

If we look closely into embroidery, there is a network of lines systematically layering upon each other, connecting at certain points . They become organic, developing their own space and time.

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