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03.05 - 04.17

Next Art Tainan 2022

KUNG Pao-Ling
Invited Artist
HSU Jui-Chien


LIN Ping

Curator LIN Ping employs the concept from American Environmentalist Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book “Gathering Moss” in which the author states that moss being a micro-unit of a forest, provides vital connections and transportation among various life forms within and eventually helps the forest sustain itself as a whole. So regarded as a supplier, Next Art Tainan, which celebrates its 10-year-old birthday this year, has a significant influence on Taiwan’s art scene like moss to the forest.



KUNG Pao-Lung



HSU Jui-Chien

Born in Taoyuan in 1996. Currently resides in Taoyuan and works globally. I completed the Master degree at the Royal College of Art in 2020 and have been selected in the 2019 Taipei Art Awards with Honourable Mentions. Previous works have exhibited in Taiwan, Korea and United Kingdom. 

The focus of the artworks is mainly on painting and pushing it further into spatial installation. My recent practise is based on the study of spaces and domestic settings.

I aim to explore the narrow pocket of spaces or to experiment potential use embedded in the mundane objects, fixtures, and architecture through all the body of work. Merging the concepts of house, container and human’s ideal lifestyle forms an approach to unfold subtle possibilities and to blur the boundary of space and art form.

Born in Miaoli, lives and works in Taipei. Jui Chien received his M.A. in sculpture from National Taiwan university of Arts.


HSU's creation might look tidy and rational, lines and blocks considers to be a stationary logic, however, actually the body actions of people and the combination of sensitivities between materials are the points which he’s looking up for.


He breaks up the orders in daily life and takes out the original standard into an uncertain state in order to pull himself away and refeel it in different perspectives. We will get another possibility of reading materials through HSU’s creation including the process he gets along with materials, the dialogue between object and his action, also the time line in work he tried to rebuild.


Those unknown consciousness spaces out of movements and object quality are important points that HSU tried to awake.

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