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2022  Highlight


06.25 - 07.31

View Above Mountains

SHIH Yin-Chen
Solo Exhibition

What waits behind the woods?

When I left the woods

the fog kept following
accompanying me
stumbling along until
it became a layer
for me to see things through


Graduated from Penninghen| École direction artistique et d'architecture intérieure (esag penninghen) in 2011, SHIH Chen-Yin’s debut solo exhibition at Mizuiro Workshop last year has drawn a lot of attention from oversea ceramics lovers and even homeware companies. Last winter she was invited to participate in an artist residency program in a mountain resort, where she began to pick up thoughts that are eventually realized in this exhibition where SHIH expresses her sincere appreciation in exploring and sensing all possible encounters with nature physically and spiritually.






Many stories within a macro world.

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