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CHANG Kuo-Hsin, LIN Hsi-Chun
Duo Exhibition

Mizuiro Workshop is delighted to present exhibition “SCAPE.” The exhibition features several series of paintings by CHANG Kuo-Hsin (b. 1954, Taiwan) and LIN Hsi-Chun (b. 1960, Taiwan), in which the artists express their new aesthetics from their life-time exploration of architecture design and art practice in both public intervention and personal realization.

Sharing a very similar background in the architecture field, a theme that underscores “SCAPE” is the sum of rationality and sensibility of CHANG and LIN’s modest concern for people and the environment.

VR View Room


CHANG Kuo-Hsin (b. 1954, Tainan, Taiwan) received his MA from Dept. of Fine Arts, Tainan University of Technology. Soon after he retired from the architecture career, he has been fully devoted to pursuing his artistic dream. CHANG’s work, consisting of dense collages of structural geometry, not only reflects his passion for space order , but also conveys his reverence for life.

CHANG has been very enthusiastic with the local art communities and has served as the chairman of Hua-Tuo International Art Association and Art League of Southern Taiwan.

"Abstractionism releases art from the boundary of any concepts and definitions. And art is no longer conveyed only by certain specific forms. By letting my brush respond to my heart genuinely can I create the unforeseen."

── CHANG Kuo-Hsin

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